Don’t Let Debt Stop Your Growth



Life has it’s ups and downs, but there are positives even in bad situations – like being in debt.  Even though it’s difficult to focus on anything else than the debt you are carrying, it’s actually possible to use this bad situation to fuel positive personal growth.

The one thing you shouldn’t do when faced with a debt problem, is become self pitying.  You have the power to get yourself out of the situation and not only that, you have the power to come out of the situation wiser and healthier.

The USA is still in recession and because of that many people have come to the realization that money is very important to sustaining their way of life.  However money is not the source of happiness.  In fact, during this recession the rate of suicides went down, indicating that most people were happier despite having less money.

It helps to break any imaginary link between money and happiness.  Money does not create the same joy as the smile on your newborn child’s face or the same excitement that you get when your lover returns from a trip.  Money can give you temporary happiness, for example when you buy a new car, but in the long run the car won’t be a source of happiness like a loved one is.  So instead of focusing on money and debt, focus on your family and love life.  You might be surprised to find that when you are focusing on improving your relationships, you will also be spending less money!

The real key to getting out of debt and staying out of debt is to change the entire way you look at money.  Your goal shouldn’t be to just pay back the debt you have, it should be to remove the link between happiness and spending money, then to just make money a bi-product of your happiness.  Once you remove that link you will spend less and debt won’t happen as quickly.  You will have shifted the way you think about money and you will be able to live happily on less money.

By looking at our debt problems in a positive fashion we also look for solutions and ways to improve our lives. If you look at the situation negatively you will only depress yourself and those around you.  Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them.  In this way debt stress is a learning opportunity.

In fact your debt stress may lead to life long change and gives us a chance to reevaluate our life goals.  There are thousands of unhappy millionaires who keep thinking more money will make them happy when the reverse is true.

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