Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

Making Money

Making Money

Reducing your debt can be a daunting task and finding ways to cut expenses isn’t always easy. The alternative is of course to “grow the pie”, make your income larger to help pay off the debt faster. There are actually a number of ways you can increase your income and many of them can actually be a lot of fun – utilizing your interests and hobbies to make more money.

Here are a number of ways you can increase your income without increasing your workload too much:

Turn your love of cooking into cash

In recent years many people have been turned onto the joy of cooking and find themselves becoming passionate about preparing healthy and tasty meals at home. The many cooking shows on television are testament to this. Well it turns out there is a demand for good food and people are willing to pay good money for nutritious food prepared by a good cook.

If you really love cooking you can set up a service where you cook homemade meals and sell them to locals. Many older people are interested in this kind of service so you can also play a role in making a better community as well – ensuring the elderly in your community are eating well.

You can even offer a cook in home service where you provide a 3 course meal for people’s special occasions. Many people are opting to spend their anniversaries at home with a cook preparing a meal for them, rather than in a crowded restaurant now. This in home cooking service can pay very well. If you are seriously passionate about cooking you will be enjoying yourself while making money.

Make money from a hobby

Many hobbies can be easily monetised and you can be well rewarded for simply doing something you love. Do you play a musical instrument? You could teach guitar, piano, harp, drums, whatever instrument you are proficient in. Many musicians say that teaching is one of the best ways to sharpen your own skills also. When you teach someone else something, you become more of an expert in it yourself.

Do you have top notch English skills and love teaching people? You could help immigrants learn to speak English by offering some in home English classes to small groups. The same goes for mathematics, science or any discipline – if you keep up to date you can provide tutorials for students of all ages. You could even teach children how to swim in the summertime.

If you are an expert woodmaker you could teach people the basics in your home or help at the local school. The same is true of any type of craft, from sewing to metal work, to painting, to carpentry – your skills and hobbies can be monetised.

Neighbourhood Childcare

There is currently a massive shortage of affordable childcare in most developed countries. If you love children and have enough space in your home you can offer a childcare service. This could be an all day service or some kind of weekend service.

Some people offer a holiday service where they take the kids camping or out on a day trip. Parents love getting the kids out of the house and the kids love experiencing new things. Of course look into the insurance requirements before embarking on this kind of venture. If you enjoy looking after children it can be both rewarding and profitable.

House Sitting

You can offer to look after someone house for them if they go away. In the summertime many families take extended holidays but don’t like leaving their house empty for all of that time. Also many families have trouble getting away because of their household pets. You can come to the house, feed their pets, clean up and make sure the house is secure and looks lived in.

Dog Walking and pet grooming

Many people treat their pets like children and can’t bare to leave them at home on their own all day while they are at work. For that reason dog walking services are becoming more popular and you can earn decent money while getting some exercise and walking dogs. You can also offer a pet grooming service. Just print some leaflets and drop them into letter boxes around your neighbourhood.

Do chores for money

Do you have a green thumb? If you have a passion for horticulture you can provide a service where you maintain people’s gardens and lawn. It also helps you get out and exercise and you are helping make your community a better looking place. You can also offer to clean gutters, paint walls, fix leaky taps, whatever your skillset allows.

Use the Internet to make money

Many people supplement their income on websites like Ebay. Some people have even turned into their primary source of income, by simply reselling items they have purchased from other sources. If you have a level of expertise in identifying antiques you can even find bargains on Ebay and resell them for a profit.

Some people also use websites like Fiverr to sell their services. Do you have some kind of skill that you think other people might pay $5 for? Some of the services that people offer include things like “Provide a 30 second voiceover” or “Leave some positive comments on a website”. Tasks that can be completed in 10 minutes and pay $5. A nice little earner!

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