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Are there other reasons my cash drawer would come up short?

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Are there other reasons my cash drawer would come up short?

Postby coilean » Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:33 am

I work as a cashier in the food business and I've worked there for over a year now. I have been on cash for around 8 months now and last week my manager told me my drawer came up $100 short. Tonight my drawer came up $50 short. I havent come up short since I first started on the cash register and that wasn't even by that much. Every time I get a large doller bill I count the change twice to myself and once to the customer and I am always very careful. I feel like I honestly couldn't let somebody walk away with $50 over what they were supposed to have. Not to mention I've been doing this forever! I honestly don't understand what I could be doing wrong or what else could have happened to make me come up short. I don't steal, even the managers have never accused me of that because it would never happen. I just want to know is there any other reason with deposits and credit cards and other money stuff that could make me come up short on the register? Also they count my drawer before my shift and after my shift so that isn't the problem. I hate the feeling of coming up short and not knowing why. Any help would be great!
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Are there other reasons my cash drawer would come up short?

Postby oddie » Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:34 am

THEY count the drawer before and after, but do YOU? How do you know they did it right? The other option is, while you are on, does anyone at all have access to the till? - like, could someone quickly open the drawer and sneak out a bill? Most modern tills tell you how much change to give. The final option is that you just can't count but you say you are being very careful.
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