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Can a business charge your card without authorization?

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Can a business charge your card without authorization?

Postby gorry70 » Fri Sep 30, 2011 4:14 am

I went to the local mall for a facial and nails. I was charged $100. I gave them my card and they printed a receipt with that amount on it. I signed it. 2 days later I was checking my account. I noticed that payment was pending as well as another payment for TWICE that amount. The next morning, when the business opened, I called them. They stated that their employee accidentally refunded my account the first amount so they had to charge me double. I went back to my account. At this time, the original amount was no longer pending and did NOT go through but a charge for $200 did! I told them this. They said they would look into it but they were "pretty sure" they refunded me $100. I stated they did not. I waited a week and called back. Again, the only thing that had gone through was $200. They said they would take care of it and still haven't. I called my bank. They said that the business sent the original amount for $100 and then 2 days later canceled that and charged $200! Is that legal? I signed a receipt agreeing to $100. How is it they can pull that and charge $200 2 days later? If businesses can do that, then I don't feel safe using credit/debit cards anymore. So now, I have to fill out paperwork at the bank and wait 1-2 months to get my money back.
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Can a business charge your card without authorization?

Postby norwood6 » Fri Sep 30, 2011 4:18 am

The business should just have refunded you

If you filled up the paperwork and given that you've got the signed receipt showing the amount you agreed to pay, the nail salon will be slapped with a CHARGEBACK in addition to the bank getting back your money

The more chargeback they get, the higher the likelihood that their merchant rates (fees for accepting credit card) will go higher, with the possibility that it can be revoked if they've got a lot of chargebacks

It's a pain I know, and it shouldn't take long. But what you did in terms of filing the paperwork complaining about the charge is the good thing.

Note though that it is easier and sometimes safer to use a credit card than a debit card for transactions. You did not indicate which one you used.
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