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History Questions ~ I have given my answers could u correct me if I am wrong?

Taxes! We hate paying them, so let's discuss maximizing tax deductions!

History Questions ~ I have given my answers could u correct me if I am wrong?

Postby saber82 » Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:43 am

1. Which was not a factor that encouraged settlement of the West in the late 1800s?
(Points : 3)
free or cheap land

discoveries of gold, silver, and copper

peace with Native Americans

growth of railroads <-- my answer

2. How did mineral discoveries affect western settlement?
(Points : 3)
They allowed towns to eliminate taxes.

They encouraged thousands of people to seek their fortunes.

They caused entrepreneurs to limit settlement.

They provided funds for eastern industries. <-- my answer

3. Why were many people willing to endure the hardships of settling in the far West?
(Points : 3)
the beauty of the terrain

the fact that others had already done it

the economic opportunities to be found <-- my answer

the adventure of finding a new place

4. Why was it difficult for farmers and cattlemen to get along?
(Points : 3)
Farmers wanted to protect their crops, but cattle overran farmland.

Cattlemen drove their herds through farmland, but objected to paying the high tariffs for doing so. <-- my answer

Farmers preferred to raise their own cattle.

Cattlemen expected more hospitality from farmers than they usually received.

5. What was one impact of the increased western population on the nation?
(Points : 3)
Food had to be imported because there was not enough available land to support the population.

Territories were given powers equal to states.

Colorado, the Dakotas, and other territories became states.

Increased taxes brought a surplus to the federal government. <-- my answer

6. What did miners, cowboys, and railroad workers in the late 1800s have in common?
(Points : 3)
They all faced danger and hardships. <-- my answer

They all were very well paid for their work.

They all had previously lived in the East.

They all hoped to move Native Americans to Canada.

7. How did railroads affect western settlement in the late 1800s?
(Points : 3)
Railroads had little effect on settlement because most work was done through unions.

Railroads provided construction jobs and then connected markets throughout the nation.

Railroads transported most of the settlers to the West Coast where they started farms.

Railroads contributed to the discovery of minerals that brought settlers west. <-- my answer

8. Which group suffered most as a result of western settlement?
(Points : 3)
Swedish immigrants

railroad men

Native Americans <-- my answer

copper miners

9. Chief Sitting Bull and Colonel George Custer led the opposing forces at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. What was the result?
(Points : 3)
Sitting Bull and all of his men were killed.

The battle was a standoff. <-- my anwser

Custer and all of his men were killed.

Additional troops were brought in to defeat Sitting Bull.

10. How did Chief Joseph's leadership affect the Nez Perce?
(Points : 3)
The Nez Perce were able to escape to Canada.

He helped the Nez Perce postpone, but not escape, a forced surrender.

He evaded federal troops and led the Nez Perce to Oklahoma. <-- my answer

He negotiated a treaty with the Sioux to share their reservation.

11. What was the effect of the Dawes Act on Native American tribes?
(Points : 3)
It brought citizenship and equality to Native Americans.

It granted land to individual families, but reduced the land available to tribes.

It provided extra money to tribes because land in excess of 160 acres per family was sold. <-- my answer

It gave Native Americans the means to learn and benefit from farming.

13. What was a common element of the rush to seek western land, timber, gold, and oil?
(Points : 3)
The acquisition of all of those resources had a negative environmental impact.

Land, timber, gold, and oil were abundant, renewable resources.

All of those resources had been exploited by Native Americans for many years. <-- my answer

The acquisition of all of those resources was carefully regulated.

14. What were two techniques entrepreneurs used to create monopolies?
(Points : 3)
stock options and investment bonds <-- my answer
horizontal and vertical integration
securities and dividends
bonds and bank notes
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History Questions ~ I have given my answers could u correct me if I am wrong?

Postby laibrook48 » Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:45 am

Here are my corrections..
1- peace with natives
2- the great migration
5- colorado and the dakotas etc.. became states
7- construction jobs and connecting mkts
9- custer and all his men were killed
10- postponed but didnt escape a forced surrender
11- reduced land available for tribes
13- they were regulated
14- bonds and bank notes

Jeez.. tutoring is fun.. Good luck!
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