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How is it working as an adult webcam performer?

Taxes! We hate paying them, so let's discuss maximizing tax deductions!

How is it working as an adult webcam performer?

Postby bartholome94 » Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:33 am

Please no judgmental responses. I've seen good things about working as an adult webcam performer for Flirt4Free (please note I would be a male performer). I basically have three questions:

1) Does anybody have insights/tips about working for Flirt4Free or other companies?

2) With tax returns/payment, do they come from VS Media, Inc. or Flirt4Free. I'm young, and my parents still help with tax returns, and I would prefer that they not know. Obviously, W-2's from Flirt4Free would blow that.

3)Would the site allow me to wear a mask to cover part of my face (I'm not talking about a scary Halloween mask, haha, but something that would just cover the area around my eyes)?

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How is it working as an adult webcam performer?

Postby hennessy » Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:36 am

If you are interested in becoming a model for a webcam site we can highly recommend LiveJasmin. As a couple we have high earnings working only part time. To become a model just click on this link:

Livejasmin has been very good to both of us and LiveJasmin is based over seas. We did not fill out W-2's but we pay taxes and SS. We show the income for both credit purposes and so that we will have retirement income.

You can sign up for fetish and wear a mask if you like but if you have a female friend that you would like to perform with you can set up a couples account as well and extend your paycheck.
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How is it working as an adult webcam performer?

Postby holden » Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:46 am

How about just not working there in the first place. They'll find out either way. I don't even think they do tax returns anyhow.
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How is it working as an adult webcam performer?

Postby shou » Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:48 am

We are a studio that has male models who work for flirt4free.

Your studio should have informed you about all of this, but like most studios out there no matter what site you go work for they just do not give the model support that is needed. And, they don't care as it is all about numbers to them and mass amount of models makes them money even when they all turn over at a high rate. Even the worthless model who will last a day or two will bring them in a buck or two and that is all that counts.

We have many tips to give you and we can try and help you out, but I doubt that you can be transferred over to our studio with flirt, but if you want to try, we can see what happens. Either way, we will still give you the tips and advise for free just because we know how hard it is for all models working out there who just go to these sites and sign up with out knowledge.

Flirt is a very good site to work with if you know what you are doing, so nothing wrong with being on that site. We do suggest you go with the other only 2 high traffic networks that have a place for male models. Live jasmine (who is the heaviest advertised site with over several hundred if not thousands of little "studios" and affiliated white label sites that all go to the same place, and all trying to get you to sign up through them) is ok for some beginners, but even though they say you can make up to 80% on the commissions, once you really look at what that means and what you have to achieve to get anywhere close to that, you are still only going to be pulling in 30-40%. Then you have to ask if that 30 to 40% or even lets say you could make that 80% commissions, what are you making that commission on? is 80% on $1.00 as good as making 21% on $5.99? So, like I said, you have to really do your homework about the site before you sign up with them.

Flirt is the best for male models we think, but it is a good strategy to eventually sign up with a couple other places you can go. You need to know what you are doing to work several sites, but this gives you the option to move around to see which site has the most traffic for you on that particular day.

The mask thing can work under the right circumstance and if done with some class to make it look good and "Mysterious" but remember, your high paying repeat customers (which you will not get on Live Jasmine we have found with our male models) you need to build that fantasy-on-line relationship with the customer, and if you forever remain "mysterious" without taking the mask off for these customers, they will abandon you to go to the next model in which they can feel like they are getting close to.

For taxes, you will be getting a 1099 from what ever studio you signed up with. If you signed up directly with most any site out there, you are still going to be routed to a studio (unless you become your own studio) and you are not being directly paid by the sites. Look at who sent you your pay, and that is who your 1099 tax form will becoming from. And, yes it will be coming to what ever your true mailing address is that you gave to payroll when you signed up. You do not get a W2, and you most likely will owe taxes on your earnings when you file. You signed up as an independent contractor no matter where you signed up, so no one ever does your tax withholding and that was your responsibility to do your own withholding Oh, did anyone here who is trying to sign you up or anyone out there who you applied to tell you all of that? Of coarse not, as it was not in their best interest to inform you fully as a model.
Contact us directly with questions and we can see if we can help you out with other stuff you may have.
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