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More help? please? its in history..?

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More help? please? its in history..?

Postby bjorn » Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:01 pm

i promise this isnt for a test lol. but it is for a study guide in history, any help? please?!? :)
18. How did Andrew Jackson appeal to voters during the election campaign of 1828?
(Points : 5)
He wrote articles and gave speeches.

He used slogans, posters, and songs.

He had a campaign train that toured the country.

He traveled to every state to meet with legislators.

19. Which is a territory that the United States gained as part of the settlement of the Mexican-American War?
(Points : 5)




20. Which best explains the concept of manifest destiny?
(Points : 5)
the idea that it was God's plan for the nation to expand across the continent

the belief that fate controlled what would happen to the United States

the trust that political solutions were usually possible

the certainty that settlers would be safe if they traveled in groups

21. How did the Republican Party begin in the 1850s?
(Points : 5)
Several northern antislavery groups united.

Northerners united to free states from debt.

Southerners formed a coalition in favor of slavery.

Manufacturers formed a coalition to create manufacturing jobs in the South.

22. What was one reason that South Carolina decided to secede from the Union?
(Points : 5)
to form its own military

to avoid paying federal taxes

to uphold the rights of property owners

to break its contract with the federal government

23. Which of the following was primarily a political challenge that the United States faced after the Civil War?
(Points : 5)
worthless Confederate currency that led to bartering

collapsed southern infrastructure, including bridges, levees, and railroad tracks

citizenship rights for freed slaves

the loss that emancipation created for slave owners

24. What was one success of Reconstruction after the Civil War?
(Points : 5)
Southern states rejoined the Union.

The southern economy grew quickly.

Freed slaves achieved incomes equal to whites.

African Americans achieved and kept equal levels of elected offices.

25. How did western expansion affect Native Americans?
(Points : 5)
It forced them from their lands.

It brought income as settlers paid for their expertise.

It didn't affect them, since they remained on their reservations.

It created an opportunity for cooperation between Native Americans and settlers.

26. What did the federal government do in response to union-led strikes in the late 1800s?
(Points : 5)
remained impartial so the dispute could be settled by labor and management

acted quickly to end strikes, using both the courts and federal troops

attempted to mediate the issues so that both sides could be heard

sided with labor and reprimanded business owners for their behavior

27. Which practice originated in the railroad industry and influenced modern business practices?
(Points : 5)
Builders agreed on a universal width for train tracks.

Pullman began manufacturing cars for overnight travel.

Railroad owners sold stock to finance the construction of railroads.

Inventors developed air brakes and more efficient train-car connectors.
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More help? please? its in history..?

Postby cashel » Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:02 pm

history is very simple subject
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