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My physical address is not the same as my mailing address?

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My physical address is not the same as my mailing address?

Postby selwin95 » Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:14 pm

So I'm wanting to buy a gun, but I don't think I could pass a background check solely because my physical address is different than my mailing address. We built a place way out in the country so we just use my parents mailing address for everything. When my fiance got a new license, he had to put my parents' address on it or they wouldn't give him one, even though that's not where we're living. I want to get a new license soon too since mine is from when I was 18 (it's still not expired yet), but I can't put my physical address on it either since we don't have a mailbox, or any mail with my physical address on it. Does anyone know if there's a way go buy a gun in this situation other than just a private sale without a background check?
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My physical address is not the same as my mailing address?

Postby syd » Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:28 pm

The fact that you do not have a mail box, does not mean much, since you do have a physical address, that the fire department would come to, should that house catch on fire or there was a medical emergency there. The post office, the county/city planner, utilities, county/city tax people and your builder/banker/mortgage company, all know what the address is, even if it's just a plot of land without a house on it yet. You DO NOT want to have too many incorrect addresses listed as your physical address. I have a friend that always gets denied the first couple of times when he buys firearms because of him having several different physical addressed "on file" of which he never has actually lived at, but were places he had mail sent when he was "between" addresses.

I live in Washington state, I do not get mail at my physical address, but rather at a UPS store that can sign for mail and packages that need to be signed for. When I applied for my CPL, I asked what address should I put on the application, my mailing address or the address of the place that I actually live (sleep, eat, call home)?

I was told that it needed to be the actual physical address where I have utilities, pay rent or mortgage for the CPL application, and that should ALSO be the address connected to my drivers licenses. And if it was not I needed to correct the physical address on the drivers licenses (which was done online), and then I was to put a sticker on the back of my DL to show the corrected address. Which for me made perfect sense, because I live in one county and my mailing address is in another county, and I could ONLY apply in the county that I actually lived in to get the CPL.

As for buying a gun without a background check, if you are buying from a FFL. pawn shop, gun shop, gun smith, you will be having a background check done, and you WILL be filling out a form 4473, and you had better be filling it out with CORRECTED information, even if you do not like the idea of putting down your correct name(s) and or address, you best be doing so.

The actual form is below, print it out and read it over for the information that is asked for.
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My physical address is not the same as my mailing address?

Postby fayne » Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:49 pm

There is no law that you have to have the same mailing and physical address to pass a background check. Virtually every state requires a physical address for a drivers license and some will also allow a different mailing address but they still need your physical address.

There is also no law that you have to have a mail box. Just get the post office to issue you an address. You run way more chance of running afoul of the law by giving the state the wrong address.
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My physical address is not the same as my mailing address?

Postby abrahamo » Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:56 pm

In California, your state may be similar, the dealer asks for a separate proof of residence as well as the drivers license.
If your car registration is mailed to the same address as your drivers license then you can show them the reg. A PO box is not acceptable. No one will knock on your parents door asking if you sleep there every night, and it is a legitimate mailing address for you.
You could visit a gun store and they will happily tell you what you need.
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My physical address is not the same as my mailing address?

Postby earnan55 » Sat Apr 06, 2013 2:12 pm

Jeez! Just get a PO Box for your mail, and put both your physical address and your PO Box on your driver's license.
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My physical address is not the same as my mailing address?

Postby ryuu » Sat Apr 06, 2013 2:24 pm

it's not a problem, they just care that they have a way to communicate with you.
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