Interesting Ways to Make Money Fast!

Making Money Fast

Making Money Fast

Sometimes you find yourself in a dark financial place where you need to find some extra money immediately! You might have 2 days till your next pay check and you don’t have money to put gas into the car. There are options if you find yourself completely strapped for cash and need money as soon as possible.

Check out some of these methods for getting money fast! Some are weird, some are interesting, but they all can help you get out of an emergency situation.

Scrounge for Change!

Do a sweep of the car and the house. If you are like most people, you will find a few dollars under the couch, in the car, in the dresser. Sure it might not be enough to pay the electricity bill, but you could probably buy yourself a healthy lunch with it.

Return items you bought recently

Were you flush with cash a couple of weeks ago and bought a new pizza oven? Most stores will give you cash back or in-store credit for items that are still in their boxes for the first 90 days. If you can’t find your receipt, take your credit card if you used it – they will be able to look up the purchase and credit the card. Some stores don’t require receipts for low cost items.

Sell Scrap Metal!

Do you have junk around the house, like a radiator in the garage, or an old car that needs to be scrapped, or some copper piping from your last renovation? They are worth money! Brass and copper fetch especially good prices, so your “junk” could fetch you $50 when you are in a financial pinch.

Sell your Gift Cards

Did you receive gift cards for Christmas from Aunt Barbara? Put them on Ebay and sell them for cash. Alternatively, simply walk down to the local store and approach some people offering to sell them your $50 gift card for $40 cash. It’s very easy to do and suddenly you are solvent!

Sell Your Old Gadgets

Do you have unused gadgets around the house? An old mobile phone, Kindle, iPad, MP3 player or other devices? Sell them! You could use Ebay, Craigslist or simply take them to the pawn broker for some emergency cash. Perhaps one of your friends would be interested in your device?

Check For Missing Money

You might have some money tied up in old utilities deposits or in government hands that you can access. Check to see if the government has any of your money

Sell Your Skills

There are now a plethora of websites on the Internet like, and, where people sell their unique skills to other people for a small amount of cash. Can you program? Can you write articles? Can you sing or dance? Play guitar? Do you have a great speaking voice? On the Internet you will be able to turn one of your talents into cold hard cash very easily. You could also offer services in the real world, like guitar or singing lesson.

Sell your jewelery and watches

Many people have a lot of unused wealth tied up in their jewelery and watches. If you don’t wear it and it’s not a family heirloom, why not sell it?

Sell Your Body Parts!

Ok this one is slightly on the unusual side, but it turns out that blood, hair, sperm are all worth money! If you are in a financial pinch, think about selling parts of yourself to get out of it.

Walk Dogs and Babysit Children

This is one of the simplest ways to make a little extra cash and keep yourself fit. Do you take a walk or jog in the afternoon to stay fit? Just take a few dogs along with you and suddenly you have some extra cash. You can also babysit children and make some extra money that way.

Mow Lawns

If you are in a pinch for cash, simply walk around the local neighbourhood and find a house with long grass and ask them if they would like it mowed for $20. Sometimes people who normally mow their grass will say yes to the offer if they are feeling somewhat lazy. Instant cash for you.

Rent Space

If you have space on your property you can rent it. It could be a simple car space, or storage space that you rent, or it could be a room. There are also services like now that help you rent your rooms for a short period. Very profitable and you can also meet some interesting new people.

Become Crafty

If you have a talent for making things you can often sell them. If you are skilled at woodwork, or making jewelery or making wall art, then you can monetize that very easily. You could even make a piece of art then take it down the street and offer it to people for a price for fast cash. You can even build a part time business off of your arts and craft.

Have a Garage Sale

It’s simple and it works. Sell your items to your neighbors and get some fast cash. Just make sure you advertise it well with signage around the local area and even online.

Sign up for Medical Testing

You can supplement your income by taking part in medical tests. Universities and pharmaceutical companies often have these testing programs where you are involved in trialing a new drug or taking a psychological evaluation and are rewarded for it.

Get a Payday Loan

Yes there are various pitfalls associated with these kinds of loans including high interest rates should you fail to repay the total by the agreed date,
but they can get you out of financial trouble when you are in a pinch.

Dig Into Your Retirement Fund

Depending on your retirement fund, you may be able to access some of this money when you are in financial trouble. You will probably have to pay taxes on it and possibly a fee on top of that.

Set up a roadside stand

You can sell all kinds of items on a road side stand: flowers, ice cold coca-cola, bottled water, snack food, or simply wash car windows! It’s an easy way to make your money. Just make sure you pick somewhere that is safe, is legal to do it, and which has a decent amount of traffic.

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