Simple Holiday Money Saving Tips!

Saving Money on Holidays

Saving Money on Holidays

So you have scrimped and saved all year to get enough money for your holiday, but when you go you find the money you saved disappears very quickly! Well you could put a little time and planning into your holiday and actually end up saving a great deal of money and having a better time.

Here are a handful of simple money saving tips for planning and going on holidays.

Book early and book smart
Generally the earlier you book your flight, the cheaper the price will be. There are plenty of websites which allow to compare the costs of flights to your chosen destination so do some research first.

Use the exchange rate to your benefit
Interestingly, it actually helps to read the financial pages before planning your holiday! You can get much better value for money by simply looking at which countries have low exchange rates. Keen for a holiday to Europe? Seize the opportunity when you see the EU down in the dumps.

Choose where you eat carefully
Unless you can really pack away the food, the hotel’s buffet breakfast not be the best value for money. You might get a better breakfast at a local cafe and you’ll be better experiencing your holiday destination. The same goes for lunch, find the place where most of the locals eat, don’t necessarily rely upon restaurants that dedicate themselves to tourists. You can also go to farmers markets and buy some local produce and create a little picnic.

Look for tourist attraction packages
You can often save money by buying packages that incorporate a number of popular tourist destinations. The Internet can help you shop for the best deal here.

Travel off season
If you travel in the off season you can get better deals on everything from flights to accommodation, and beat the crowds. Consider this if the weather isn’t the most important part of your holiday.

Use tour operators
Because tour operates buy in bulk, they can get seriously cheap prices, keep that in mind when booking.

Use overnight trains to save on accommodation!
You can save on accommodation by getting a sleeper carriage between destinations. Traveling by rail is also a very interesting way to see a country.

Don’t always buy from the shops that tour operators dump you at
If you are on a tour, don’t always assume that the operator will take you to shops that offer the best value for money. They are probably getting some money from the shop owner for taking you there.

Get your coffee take away
In many countries there is a surcharge to have a sit down coffee. Just grab it and go to the local park to enjoy it or simply sip it while you walk around the city.

Choose insurance wisely
If you are a frequent traveler you can actually save money on travel insurance by buying a policy that covers you every year for every trip, rather than individual trips.

Look at house swapping!
There are now websites that allow you to trade houses for a few weeks of the year with someone else in the world. Then you can enjoy all of the comforts of a house without any accommodation costs!

Avoid cabs
Utilise public transport as much as you can, or even consider hiring a car.

Haggle on everything, from the costs of accommodation to the cost of a meal. It’s not rude to haggle and you should look for opportunities to save money wherever you can.

Use loyalty programs
There are many programs for frequent fliers, for accommodation chains. Again, use the Internet to do some research and make some big savings very easily!

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