Simple Money Saving Food Shopping Tips!

Save Money Grocery Shopping

Save Money Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a menial task that most people don’t put much thought into 0-we might create a list for what we need or we might just wander the aisles picking out what looks like it might be a delicious dinner. But what most people don’t fully appreciate is that the aisles are full of various tricks from the supermarket and food producers, looking to make you impulse buy their products and spend more than you need to. Here are some simple tips to help you save money while at the supermarket, and as an additional bonus, to eat healthier!

Avoid the prepacked salads and make your own

Pre-made salads are usually more expensive than taking a few minutes to make your own. In addition, in most cases a pre-packed salad won’t taste as fresh as one you make yourself because the salad has been sliced and is oxidating for a longer period. You can also customize your salads more by buying the various ingredients yourself.

Grow your own food

Bypass the expensive supermarket salads altogether and grow your own! If you have some room in your backyard or on your roof you can plant a small planter full of salad greens. There are seed packets that contain a mix of salads, and it doesn’t get any fresher and better tasting than picking the salad out of your garden just before dinner. Fresh herbs like basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme and marjoram are also usually expensive at the supermarket, but can be very easily grown at home.

Buy canned goods and non-perishables in bulk

When you see a special on an item with an extremely long expiry date (like most canned goods), bulk buy them. Don’t be tricked into bulk buying perishable items though – chances are you may not get through them all and end up wasting money. If you have the storage space, buy non-perishables like toilet paper, shampoo and paper towels when you see them on special. With a little thought you’ll realize that half of your pantry consists of items with long shelf life, like pasta, olive oil, canned beans, canned fruit and nuts. You can even join costco to get some seriously good deals on buying items in bulk. Just make sure that you have a need for the items and you will eventually use them.

Use healthy and cheap staples in your diet

Some healthy foods are incredibly cheap. For example, vegetables like potatoes, carrots and pumpkin are usually very cheap. You can use them in an extraordinary number of ways, so with potatoes you can bake them, roast them, mash them, steam them, make a salad with them, stuff them and much more. Nutritious and cheap.

Use more legumes in your diet

The humble bean is a very inexpensive, delicious and healthy food to eat. You can bulk buy soy beans, navy beans, lima beans lentils and many more types of beans and save an extraordinary amount of money. You can use the beans in anything from soups through to pasta, in pies, in mexican food and even on top of pizzas. The great news here is that beans are extremely nutritious, packed full of fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins. They are a fantastic alternative to using just meat (which can be expensive) as your primary source of protein.

Use cheaper cuts of meat

Ground beef will always be cheaper than rump steak and most of the time your family won’t notice what is in their burger or meatloaf anyway. Save money by buying cheaper cuts of meat and spend a little more time preparing them properly. Also, when you see your favorite cuts of meat on special, stock up.

Use canned goods intelligently

Canned fish can be used to make cheap and nutritious meals like tuna bakes and casseroles. The fish still tastes great but you make huge savings by not buying it fresh and it will store well for many months, if not years.

Use frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables have come a long way in recent years and now you can buy all kinds of vegetable combinations in frozen form. The vegetables are snap frozen and hold the same nutritional value as fresh vegetables. Additionally you can bulk buy them when they are on special and they will keep for many months. They are also a great way to eat nutritious vegetables that may be out of season where you live.

Look for specials and coupons before going shopping

Check the newspapers and any junk mail for specials and bulk buying opportunities before you go shopping so you can make a calm and rational decision about whether to buy the product. You avoid any impulsing buying of specials that you don’t really need.

Check the top and bottom shelves

Grocery stores tend to have the products they have the biggest markups on sitting on the middle shelves. Sometimes manufacturers pay for shelf placement. You can often get better value for money by checking out the products on the bottom and top shelves.

Write your grocery lists with meals in mind

If you can work out a meal plan for the upcoming week you can create a shopping list that only includes the food products that you need. You will save money by having a focused shopping list and also avoid any food wastage.

Use seasonal produce

Shop with the seasons in mind so you get better value for money. Use tomatoes a lot in summer when they are in season and on special. Use avocados when it’s winter and they are on special. Customize your diet to match the season and you will get much better value for money!

Shop online!

Many retailers allow you to order your shopping online. This can mean you are able to make more rational shopping choices and make your purchases when you are ready. You can triple check the contents of your shopping cart and you will see the total cost before you checkout. You can also see the specials more easily and bulk buy items more easily.

Get rid of the junk food and soda

It turns out that in addition to being very unhealthy for you, junk food is also very expensive. Soda is very expensive compared to filtered water, sugary sweets are very expensive compared to an apple. You will save money and also avoid putting on excess weight and avoid costly medical bills that overweight people are more likely to experience.

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