Simple Saving Tips

Money Saving Tricks

Money Saving Tricks

Some find saving money to be a laborious and difficult task because they feel compelled to buy new things constantly. Well there are actually ways you can save money without feeling much pain!

Checkout these simple but effective saving tips and tricks.

Leave the credit card at home

A lot of people always carry their credit card with them, and unfortunately whip it out far too frequently. If you leave your credit card at home, your chances of impulse buying something you just saw in the shop window is greatly reduced. Just carry a small amount of cash with you and use two savings accounts, so you can’t easily access large amounts of money.

Create an off-limits Savings account

Create a secondary savings account where money is automatically sent from your paycheck. Make it so you can’t easily access this money, so no ATM withdrawals from it and no way to transfer the funds onto your credit cards. By limiting your access you are increasing the likelihood that the funds stay secure despite the buying impulses you might experience.

Delay purchasing decisions

Create a 14 day no-buy rule for any large purchases. When you see something expensive while shopping, make a note of the item and consider it carefully over the next 14 days. Do you really need it? Can you afford it? This will reduce the likelihood of impulse buying.

Never go shopping hungry and always use a shopping list

It may be an old trick, but it’s very effective. When you go shopping, do it on a full stomach, or better yet grab lunch at the shopping center. That way you are rewarding yourself with a treat and saving money when you buy the groceries. Use a shopping list and plan your meals so you limit waste – you can save hundreds of dollars by not wasting food!

Brown bag your lunch

An old one, but a good one. If you buy some good tupperware you can take nutritious salads and reheat leftovers for lunch. With a little planning you can in fact have a better lunch than you would get from many eateries, and save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year.

Use the carrot, not the stick

Motivate yourself constantly. If you are saving for a shiny new iPhone, think of it when you are about to impulse buy something else. “If I don’t buy this shirt now, I will be closer to owning an iPhone”. Using a carrot to motivate you makes it easier to resist other buying impulses.

Use cash instead of cards
One of the best ways to keep track of exactly what you are spending is to just use the cash in your wallet. Before you go shopping, put in the amount of cash that can comfortably afford to spend. That will stop you splurging with credit cards and using electronic transactions.

Stop the waste

Stop throwing out things that are valuable. Look at what goes into the trash be it food or old possessions. Can you modify your behavior so you make the most of the food you buy, can you sell those possessions instead of throwing them out? Look for ways to make the most of your wealth and income.

Become a power miser

Energy costs are soaring, but luckily you can modify your behavior to save energy. Become one of those people who is diligent about switching things off. Just think – all of those things left on represents your hard earned money flying out the window.

Replace soda with water

Want to save lots of money and be much healthier at the same time? Fitch the sugar laden soda for a healthier alternative like water or green tea. Soda is terrible for your health and is very expensive considering it is just sugar, flavoring and water.

Research purchases diligently

When you do decide to purchase something, look for value for money and look for something that will last a long time. In many cases it is worth spending more money on a product that has much better construction. Is it better to buy a cheap vacuum cleaner than blows up in 18 months years or spend more money on one that will last 10 years. If you like to drink coffee, consider buying a machine that will last for many years and has user replaceable parts.

Make sure purchases don’t have recurring or hidden costs

Speaking of the coffee machine, when you do select a product buy one that doesn’t have expensive recurring costs. A coffee machine that take coffee beans will be cheaper in than the long than a machine that takes “coffee pods” that must be bought from the manufacturer. The same goes for many cleaning products which require you buy expensive refills.

These are just a few of the best tips for saving money easily. Checkout the money saving forums for more advice from our friendly community.

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