The Best Online Apps to Help You Manage Your Finances

Personal Financial and Debt Reduction Tools

Personal Financial and Debt Reduction Tools

There are some incredibly useful financial tools that have become available thanks to the Internet. Many of these tools can help us get our finances in order and lower our debt burden. Here are the top 7 online tools for organising your finances!

Mint is one of the most well known personal financial applications on the Internet. It helps you pull together all of the financial data you have in your life so you have a better understanding of where you stand. The application then helps you create budgets, saving plans and debt repayment strategies. It includes some nifty goal tracking features that are useful when you are repaying debt.

There are already over 10 million people using Mint to manage their finances. The company has been in operation for close to 10 years now, so has a well earned reputation. You can share data between your phone, tablet and home computer so it is always handy if you need to make a quick calculation. Mint is free.

Ready For Zero
ReadyForZero is a free debt reduction that gives you a number of tools to make debt repayment easier. You add all of your debt sources and the application helps you build a repayment plan and prioritise debt repayments.

It uses projections to show you how long it will take you to pay back each source of debt. For a small fee ($4.99 per month), the application can even make automatic repayments for you, from your nominated bank account. This reduces the hassle of paying off your debts yourself. It is also useful for people who tend to “forget” their bill payments.

The website is also a useful repository of information, with articles on everything from debt consolidation to saving tips. There is also a feature that helps you find financial products with lower interest rates than the loans you currently have.

The Debt Coach

The Debt Coach is an online tool designed to help you find the best debt reduction solution for your particular situation. The website uses the data from to determine the most effective way to paying off your debt.

This is a useful tool to get an understanding of what forms of debt reduction are available and which ones may suit your circumstances. Some of the options recommended by the Debt Coach include credit counseling, optimized repayments, debt negotiation, debt consolidation and debt management planning. The recommendations are based upon the financial data you enter and the goals that you nominate. This application is smart enough to take into account your credit rating and unforeseeable expenses, so it is worth trying.

Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover Snowball Debt Tool
This tool helps you plan debt repayments using the popular debt snowball method. This method for paying off debt targets the smallest and most expensive (high interest) debts first, so you can quickly build momentum and reduce the complexity of your debt problem.

This method for reducing debt is extremely effective for some people. If you have a large number of small debt sources, you would do well with this method.

This tool will help you construct a debt repayment plan and guide you towards the best debt to attack first. It works in conjunction with the Money Makeover online program, which costs between $7.50 and $9.95 a month to join.

Debt Free Calculator from CNN
This is a very simple debt calculator that can help you brainstorm debt repayments. Simply add your debts to the list and receive some simple feedback on the next steps. While it is not as feature rich as the other applications, there is no signup required and it allows you to get a snap shot of your debt very quickly.

Credit Karma allows you to gain access to all of your financial information and gain insight on your situation. You can add loans, mortgages, credit cards, bills, bank accounts to Credit Karma and it gives you a complete overview of how you are doing. The application will also gather your credit rating to see how financial institutions are viewing you.

The best part of Credit Karma is that you can access your credit scores, credit reports and get credit monitoring all for free.

Balance Financial Software
Balance provide software to help you manage all of your financial matters. You can add sources of income, bills, loans and other financial data, to gain a complete overview of your financial standing.

The company aims to reduce the chore of financial management and simplify personal finance.

Software & services to make financial chores simple again.
For families and small businesses, Balance can help you tackle financial chores faster. For Professionals, Balance provides a digital office suite to help grow revenue and collaborate with clients.

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